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Ignite Your Influence Pre-Event Mixer 2019

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Ignite Your Influence Summit 2019


Majesty Acheampong is the creator of Bornmajestic.com, an online destination for women that features a lifestyle blog along with resources for content creators. From her blog, you can expect post related to fashion, beauty, hair, life and relationships. Over the years, Majesty has grown her influence by working with brands such as Pantene, Banana Republic, MAC, Maybelline, Herbal Essence and Carol’s Daughter to name a few. Majesty now teaches new bloggers industry skills through her workshops, conferences, and coaching services. Majesty earned her Bachelors degree in Communications from UNC-Charlotte. Majesty was born in Durham, NC, but currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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Ignite Your Influence 2019 - Majesty Acheampong

What is Ignite Your Influence?

A summit for creators looking to elevate their influence, impact & income. 

Who is it for?

Female Content Creators.

Takeaways & Gems from #IYICLT 2019:

“Everyone has the power to influence others, what will you do with that power?” - Majesty Acheampong 

“An Influencers job is to stop the scroll.” - Brittany Hennesy 

“We have a responsibility to ignite our influence but what are we choosing to shine our light on?” - Valerie Eguavoen 

“There is no greater Influencer on this planet than a black woman.” - Mattie James

“As Influencers, try not to fall into the trap of comparing & competing.” - Kish Burries

“When you are trying to find your niche, take a step back to ask yourself what are you truly passionate about.” - Lola Akinkuowo 

What to Expect

Keynote conversations, Expert Panel discussions, Brunch, Networking, Giveaways, and Vendors.

Why should someone attend IYI?

Ignite Your Influence provides content creators with the opportunity to learn from Industry Leaders about Influencer trends, monetizing your brand, maximizing brand partnerships and using your platform to make an impact.

Where can I purchase tickets? Where do vendors register?

This year’s event has already passed, but please check back soon for information on next year’s event!

Where can I find accommodations information?

Accomodations information for next year’s event will be posted at a later date.


Kish Burries began her instagram journey in 2013, centered around inspiring and educating women of color on how to improve the health of their natural “God-given” hair. After an overwhelming influx of interest in Kish’s knowledge around natural hair and diverse hair styles, in 2016, she decided to leave corporate America and devote full-time to educating her fan base and the expansion of her brand.

In 2017, KishMyKurls LLC was created, as a platform to share and express her love for natural hair, fashion, and fitness. As a lifestyle vlogger, brand Influencer and motivational speaker, she has quickly gained a committed following of 130k+ followers and supporters through her social media outlets.

Kish is passionate about empowering women and promoting self-love, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and living out faith fearlessly. Over the years, Kish has collaborated with various reputable brands such as Clairol Professional, Ralph Lauren and Ford Motor Company to name a few. Kish is optimistic that her enthusiasm for natural hair, fitness and fashion will inspire others to advance their personal aspirations.

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Lola Akinkuowo is a Nigerian-American multifaceted creative entrepreneur, writer, and educator at heart. She's the founder of the online education platform, The Blogger Etiquette where she helps bloggers clarify their purpose, create impactful content, and build memorable brands that are seen, heard, and understood.

With a creative editorial background established at the world's leading media brand for black women, Essence Magazine; Lola’s trusted voice, redefined aesthetic, and passion for storytelling has led her to work with iconic brands such as Google, HP, Dove, Amazon, and more. Dedicated to creating shareable content that educates, uplifts, and positively influence women with under-addressed passions; Lola continuously inspires her community to carve their own categories, tell meaningful stories, and use their purpose to make an imprint on the world around them.

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Valerie Eguavoen is a Social Justice Advocate, a Lawyer, a Content Creator and a Diversity/Inclusion Consultant. She created ON A CURVE to uplift her culture and experiences - it is a platform dedicated to advocating for diversity and inclusion in the creative industry. She is also the founder of YOU BELONG NOW, a movement and newly formed non-profit organization focusing on educating a new generation of content creators and fostering their commitment to social justice.

Valerie was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California Santa Barbara, with a double major in Political Philosophy and Black Studies. In 2014, she received a Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law.

Valerie has committed her career to public service and social justice work. Most recently, Valerie served as the legal coordinator for Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Valerie is one of Vogue’s 2018 “VOGUE 100 STREET STYLE".” Her work has been featured in Forbes.com, Vogue.com, Business of Fashion, Essence.com, Refinery 29, and many other notable publications.

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Brittany Hennessy is the best-selling author of “INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media," the Vice-President of Marketing at Carbon, a technology company building solutions for influencers, and the creator of Duct Tape And A Dream, an influencer development brand.

Brittany is the former Senior Director, Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships at Hearst Magazines Digital Media and the first person to hold that title. A pioneer in the influencer marketing industry, she lends her expertise to brands, small businesses, and influencers as a consultant.

Brittany was named to Talking Influence’s 2018 Top Industry Player list, she is a member of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts and Sciences where she judges the annual Shorty Awards and the Shorty Social Good Awards and is also a judge of the 2019 Influencer Marketing Awards.

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Mattie James is a full time influencer and the creator of MattieJames.com. She creates lifestyle content for her blog, podcast and YouTube channel while working with brands like Samsung, JOHNSON’S and J. Crew. After being crowned Miss Liberia USA in 2009, Mattie started her blog as a hobby and grew it into the business it is today. She’s taught over 1000 bloggers and entrepreneurs the business of blogging with her online courses and masterclasses. Mattie currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, Christopher and daughters, Maizah and Caliana.